beatlemania (beatlemania) wrote,

Pool parties in pubs SUCK

So yesterday was interesting. It started out really good and ended up really drunk. I went to theatre in london class and then Emily, Rachel, and I decided to go to the threatre museum. it was really interesting and we watched people doing makeup and other threatre related things. The museum is in Covent Gardens so we did some shopping as well. I remembered being there before and it was strange to think about being in london six years ago and being here now. so much has changed and i don't even talk the people i went with anymore. I hope i can keep in contact with the people i've met here. I'm really having a good time and a lot of the people are cool.

I ended up buying a really nice tea set for my london souviner. I really like the pattern and i'm glad i bought it because it's something i'll have forever. Later Emily and i got separated in H&M so i left and took the tube home alone and she went to see a play.

I came back and worked on my paper a little and it's coming along nicely. Ashley, Zach, and I decided to go to spoofers because it was a pool party kind of thing and we had nothing else to do. it was £ drinks when we got there and it was only for another 5 minutes so i double fisted it, that was a bad idea. then i got a guy from the house to buy me a drink and he made it a double, then i finished that and double fisted it again. this all happened in like 45 minutes and i spent all the money i had. Later there were girls that came out with bottles of booze and they just poured drinks down your throat. They had really bad aim and the one girl poured the bottle onto Ashley's hair so he wasn't too happy about that. Lets see then i had Jagar shot and then i was over the top pissed out of my mind. the guys were getting a little crazy and i think i got my ass slapped a few times. One guy in the house kissed me and i said i had a boyfriend, later that night he pulled me into the pool. SO my night ended with me way wasted, wet from waist down, and frozen for the walk back to the house. It was a crazy night that i will never relive ever again. way too much alcohol and drunk people throwing up, one guy twisted his ankle, and one of the Johns ended up getting kicked out because he was falling on things. man England is crazy.

I woke up this morning still drunk and not good for a 2 hour class. I had to waked up both Mike and Josh because they passed out in their clothes and never set their alarms. It was not pretty this morning. Well that was my crazy drunk night/morning. i have to get to econ and sit through more learning, at least i have some caffine in me this time.
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