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This is really long and i'll be surprised if people read my posts

this weekend was a ton of fun. Friday Emily, Emily, John and I all took the train out to oxford. It was funny because right away Emily, my roomate, and John got into parent mode, whipping out maps and making a plan for the day. The other Emily and I started calling them mom and dad. it was a good time. We walked around the town and looked at someof the universities that were there. I didn't know there are 16 different Universities in Oxford. We looked around Oxford University of course and bought a lot of things. I got a sweat shirt and t-shirt for myself and a shirt for both my sisters. We did a lot of walking. We went into a Botanical Garden and ate lunch outside, it was kind of cold, but sunny out. I wish if i could go back there in july or some time warm. I dunno maybe i'll stay in Europe longer, change my ticket from the 8th of may to who knows. i dunno i doubt i'll do it but a thought...
We went to one university where scenes from Harry Potter were filmed. That was pretty cool. I can't wait to see the 3rd film in June. Let's see what else did i do in oxford... just walked around and ate at a pub then went home. I was really tired from the day so i didn't go out, i wish if i did because emily went to an awsome dance club, but Saturday night we went to a different one and i had such a good time
Saturday Emily W., John, Jon, and I all went to Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick castle. Stratford kind of was over rated and boring. I went to the home of shakespear and where he is buried and that was about it. I did have a really good sausage hotdog and i think that was the highlight of that town. emily and i also went into a teddy bear museum where wer got ripped off, i want my £2 back. After Stratfor I decided I really don't enjoy shakespeare all that much, well that's not really true, but i saw taming of the Shrew for my theatre class and it was horrible. i was so pissed off at the message p=of the play. the theme is to be obdient to your husband and do what he says and agree to what he says. if the sun is the moon that its the moon, what shit is that. and don't tell me about how it was writen back in the day, i spent £15 on a crap play (the acing was good and there were some funny scenes,plus i was in the 4th row), that i could have spent on something else. Anyway
Warwick Castle was unbelievable. It rocked. I took a ton of pictures. we went up all the towers, went through the castle, went in the dungeon which was cool becaus there were wax figures because madame tousiouse (can't spell it right now) owes the castle so there were wax figures. I'm looking forward to going to that museum when my parents come over. We also toured the garden more. After the castle we decided to go to a dance club. we pregamed it before hand, and it was a good thing because drinks were £3.50. We had a good time dancing. We started out as a huge group but as soon as we payed the cover charge some people decided it wasn't there scene and left, i was glad because they are 'popular too cool for dancing dumb, really dumb girls' so it was emily, emily, zach, ashley, matt, dave, and me. Then drama began with the love triangle of ashley, emily, and matt (ashley is a guy incase people are wondering). then people started leaving and not telling anyone. Emily ended up being left at the club, she came home really upset and i apologized and asked people what happened. I realized that they are really cool people but i can't hang out with some of them together at the same time. It's like some of them didn't care about emily being upset. what jerks but everything was better the next morning.

Sunday i did homework and finished one of my papers that are due in may, man i rock! oh we also went to camden town and i got some gifts for people and some things for myself. oh and i found poptarts in the UK, that really made my day because my parents shipped them over because i couldn't find them. well i have to meet Josh so we can history major geek it up at the imperial war museum.

Kelli and Joce are coming thursday, i'm so excited!!!!!
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