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Monday, October 4th, 2004
7:15 pm
Sometimes I think...
I hate being away at school. I miss stuff at home good and bad, and this weekend was definitely bad. crazy crazy family problems that I can't even get over. i feel bad for my parents and how they go through shit they shouldn't have to deal with. Sometimes I feel like because I'm away that I'm not part of the family or something, it's like they don't want to tell me things because I'm away. They did that when I was in England and now when i'm in Millersville. also when people are mad at my house everyone gets yelled at which i hate

I have to get this anxiety problem fixed. I'm pretty sure I've had it since a kid and I'm just realizing what it is.

I can't wait for fall break. i've got good stuff planned. I'm not working at all so that will be nice. I'm going to sew my PJs, going suit/profession clothing shopping with Steve, Octoberfest, sleeping, hopefully no homework, finishing Breakfast of Champions, scrapbooking, getting drunk to the point of slured speech or something.

I need new CDs or mixes

I hate writing about students learning and steps to becoming a teacher. show me how to make a fucking lesson plan and cut out all the bullshit busy work.

blah, can't wait for thursday at 4:15...fall break. plus driving home will be a like better because the leaves will be changing
Monday, September 20th, 2004
12:17 am
I can't wait for christmas reference 3
So i decided this weekend that I love Lancaster, I really do. Friday night I met Kelli, dug, Marisa, and her new boyfriend Dan at the Chameleon. Dan's band was playing in the Lizard Lounge and it was the first time I went there. Poodle Mouth played there but it's a 21 and over thing and at the time I wasn't 21 so i finally got there. Saturday I worked and i took a different way home and ended up driving past all these huge expensive house that were really pretty and combinded with the good time i had at the Chameleon I decided I really love Lancaster.
Saturday I worked and I hate retail. The job isn't too bad, but I'm seriously ready for real life. I'm tired of being stuck in this inbetween phase. Some of my friends grauated and have real jobs, some are moving in with their boyfriends, Lisa bought a freakin house like a year ago. it's just crazy that my friends are professionals and stuff.
Saturday i just relaxed and watched like 4 hours of Law&Order, which by the way, I love. And Sunday I went to see the Ville's women's soccer team and I got burn on one side of my face. Hopefully that goes away tomorrow. Later I went to the mall and got this shirt with a moose on it and two bras. and why is underwear so expensive? The woman at the counter kept refering to underwear as panties and it made me giggle like a little school girl. Panties come on that's funny.
This weekend Kelli had Dug up and then Joce had her new boyfriend up Luke. So i spent the weekend as a third wheel tagging along with my friends and their boyfriends, but I'm glad Joce is happy and all that crazy boy drama is over. And she made the point of how she was always the third wheel and it was nice someone else did it.
is it wrong that i'm looking forward to this coming weekend already? Celtic Fest Saturday yeah!
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
2:27 pm
I got a sewing machine for my Birthday and I have no clue about it, but I'm going to learn. so if any of you out there have any helpful tips let me know. Becky, word on the street is you can tear it up with a sewing machine.
2:21 pm
Th Patriot Act boreathon
So I had to go to this guest speaker for class and it was all on the patriot act. and I thought what the hell am i going to listen to? When i got there this only professor stood up and started talking about the Act and how it may not be renewed or there could be a second one, i dunno I stopped listening after about 5 minutes because he used really big words and i have a tiny brain. Then a lawyer got up to talk, and he shouted into the microphone for a good 20 minutes, why do people feel the need to speak loudly into a microphone? Then some journalist spoke and I just kept focusing on the extremely bad comb over a few rows up from me and the touchy-feely gay guys, not that there is anything wrong with that, a few rows up and to the left. So in conclusion i wasted an hour and a half of my life and I would like that back. Also I realized I spend too much time doing things that are not fun, so I plan to have more fun and less time feeling sad or out of place or whatever. New outlook from here on out.
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
1:52 pm
Alias season three has come out today and I alreadygot my copy. My life is more complete now. Plus I can watch all the episods my dad forgot to tape....she said with a bitter tone....while i was away in England.
oh man let the hotness begin
Monday, September 6th, 2004
9:43 pm
a little taste
"This chapter focuses on the first phase of curricular design: identifying our goals and determining what is worthy of understanding. Any complet unit of study will involve many targets simultaneously: knowledge, skills, attitudes, habits of mind and understanding...."
do i have to go on or do you get the point that this text is incredibly boring and my mind keeps wondering. stupid becoming a teacher classes.

this weekend ended up being pretty good. I was at the apartment alone because i had to work all weekend. I got a lot of work done, but i still feel like i only finished half, because i did, because i have a buttload of work. Not as bad as Eled Amy has...haha i think i'll refer to her as eled amy. so yeah homework, i'm so tired of doing. I'm really ready to get into the field and study teach. sometimes i come home from class super excited about history and what i've learned. wow that's mega geeky, but i don't care i really really really love history. haha man i need a hobby.

Steve came up this weekend for friday nite to saturday afternoon. I was glad he came because i got really good sleep with him here. I've been having crappy sleep lately which is bad because i'm tired all the time. we just laid around and watched the movie clue, good times. I realized while steve was up that I'm more sure of myself when I'm with him than when i'm not. that may sound super mushy, but i don't care. everyone's reaching that part in life where we all talk about what are we going to do next and debt and marriage and teaching. it's making me confused and it was just nice to have steve here because i don't have to worry about that when he's around. moving off the mushy shit.

I hope Mac's party was fun, I heard the details and I wish if i were there. I can't remember the last time i was drunk. i guess it was a few weeks ago and i'm sure it involved jack daniels. oh man that stuff is so good. hmmm whiskey. ok enough of me being in love with alcohol and back to my understanding my design text. just the title alone sucks.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
11:20 pm
my brain hurts
dear livejournal,

i hate you. you didn't post two of my updates. we are now divorced friends. i'll write you again when i forgive you and when my brain stops hurting from nonstop school.

ok i forgive you....who can stay mad at that face
Saturday, April 10th, 2004
12:41 am
I'm never going back to classes again!

man this easter break has been awsome so far! My mom,dad, and Meredith came to visit this week. they actually just left today and in a few hours steve comes to replace them. I did so much with my family. I really did miss them, even if they did complain a lot about all the walking. I did warn them. Let's see we saw so much i don't know where to start. I think i'll just list things. The Victoria and Albert Museum, Harrods, Covent Garden, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards, House of parliment, big ben, the Millenium Eye, St. Paul's, the globe theatre, Madame Trousseau's wax museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Portabello Market, we saw Chicago which was awsome, and probably more. we ate in pubs a lot too! I ate so well since they were paying, thanks mom and dad! My family also went to Stonehenge and saw another play Stones in His Pockets which I saw already. they enjoyed both and I was glad my recommendation for the play didn't bomb.

I had a little scheduling problem this semester. i couldn't get into junior block because my crimal check isn't in yet. So far my classes are still open and I'm on the waiting list for all of them. hopefully my one check will be at home and them i can get my mom to send them to millersville. i was told I didn't need them in in order to schedule, I should just stop listening to what people tell me. So that sort of sucked but i can't really do anything except wait for the papers to arrive in the mail.

I think I'm ready to come home after seeing my family. I'm getting tired of the craziness that's been going around at the house. I want everything to go back to normal. I've sort of stopped going to classes here because they don't count attendence and all my papers are done except one. I should do that soon, probably when steve leaves. i'm going to have to get use to going to classes every day when I get back to Millersville and I'm going to have to get a job. i'm still unsure about what's going on there. Coz left C.City and i think Steve is going to follow. That means there are only like 4 people I would want to work with that are still there. Maybe I'll do two jobs and suck it up. Maybe they hired new fun people in the music department. Who knows if they will even let me come back. whatever

This week coming up is going to be awsome. I have a list of super fun places to take steve and tuesday to thursday I'll be in Ireland with steve and mac. I'm looking forward to getting some nice celtic items! I'm sure we'll do one or two pub crawls as well. Only an hour til I go to Heathrow to pick up steve! I hope i know where to find him and that I don't get lost or something crazy. Well I better do some work and eat before I leave. yeah for steve coming for 10 days, i get my boyfriend bakc for a short time
Thursday, April 1st, 2004
12:45 pm
rockin good times
I went and saw the Mountain goats last night. I was a little worried in the beginning because the first opener sucked hard core. i could play better than that guy. i'm talking terrible. Then the next band was better. The lead singer was drunk and forgot some of the words which was amusing. Then the mountain goats came on and it was all worth the £6.50. They played 2 encores. Of course i got to stand next to the one asshole in at the whole show. He was yelling stuff at the band and headbanging. If you know the mountain goats, they are not headbanging music. So i slapped him and told him to stop and he did. that was awsome. I went to the show with Matt, Dave, and Zack and they were all impressed with my anger. it was funny because the guy said sorry and stopped annoying everyone around him.
There were also drunk girls with the asshole american. it's people like them that give americans a bad rep. but the girls were trying to get the guys i was with to buy them drinks and asked for their phone numbers 20 minutes into talking to them. no one knows their number, which sounds like a lame excuse, but it's true. But i'm glad i went because it was a wicked good time, that's right wicked good.
I think tomorrow I'm going to go to see Salvador Dali art and a maybe another art gallery. Everyone is leaving for spring break so the house is slowly emptying out. There is seriously going to be 7 of us or less. it's going to rock.
On a crappy note, i didn't get that summer internship i applied for. well i gave it a try. i guess it's back to circuit shitty. i want to do CC part time and maybe get a nanny job full time. we'll have to see when i get home and when i decide to leave london. off to learn about international economics, stupid class
Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
4:52 pm
Quarter life crisis is over
OK man I had a freak out yesterday, but after talking to people and figuring out somethings all is good.

The weather here is starting to get nice, it's about time. The sun was out and you didn't need a scarf or gloves. Not much is going on. Spring Break starts after my class is over Thursday at 4. I'm going to be livin it up in London. I can't wait for my parents to come the first week and then Steve's the next week. I got all but one paper finished so i don't have to worry about homework at all over the next two weeks.

Tomorrow i might go to a show, some group called the mountain goats. It could be good and i figure why not. My roommate ERmily leaves Wednesday for her grand spring break adventure and my Friday the whole house will be deserted except for 5 of us. I finally will get control of the remote, awsome!

I better get to conflicts in Northern Ireland class. I'll try to update more, I'll be doing a ton of things once my family and steve gets here. Mac will be here too but i don't think he'll be around much. Mac if you're reading this, you need to be around the second monday you are here for trivia at the local pub!
Monday, March 29th, 2004
1:57 pm
So on Thursday I decided I was starting a midlife crisis. I went to talk to a prof about my finished paper and she told me it was a good start. bull shit, I worked hard to get that done and really it's a load of crap. so i started thinking about why i push myself so hard, what's the point, but then again what does that woman know? someone pointed out that in a year you'll be as qualified as she is, good point. am i going to be that kind of teacher? do i want to be a teacher? am i really that good at history? what does this all mean? For once in my life I want to be lazy and blow off responsibility and be on my own. I'm tired of working hard just for someone to shoot me down. So after all the crazy thinking I decided this weekend to just drink a lot of whisky, go out dancing, stay up way too late and sleep in just as late. And it was awsome, i never do that, but now that it's Monday i feel like maybe I should go back to the whole good student I have goals kind of thing. there are too many start, intellegent, people in the house to talk to, they make you think about things that linger in the back of your head. I really like the people I live with. they made me realize that I miss having my own friends. these people are my friends, not Steve's or some friend of a friend. I guess I realized i really missed that, why it took me this long and go to england to figure that out i don't know.
I don't know what i want anymore, i'm a little freaked out and i don't really have anyone to talk to about it so i just sit and think and think about it until i go crazy. i was the type of person who had everything planned out and now who knows..
I'm making no sense
Monday, March 22nd, 2004
5:34 am
Amsterdam and those cute wooden shoes
Amsterdam, what can I say...

I left Friday around 3:30 with Sarah, kelly, John, and jon to go to Amsterdam for the weekend. We took a bus tour kind of thing and the bus took us to a ferry that would take us to Holland. It was nice to take a ferry instead of a plane, it was different. I was ok on the ferry, no sea sickness. There was a dinner buffet and i filled myself so much because it was free and that's what you do at buffets. Sarah, Kelly, and I all shared a cabin to sleep in for the night. The rooms were nice, I slept well, but everyone else woke up when the ferry was shaking and vibrating. I slept right through it. We got to holland around 9 am and took the bus into Amsterdam.
The weather was crazy and crappy. There were gail force winds and it was raining. I forgot my umbrella and i was getting blown around from the wind. We started our day off at the Anne Frank house. It was really interesting and I learned a lot about her diary and what she did in hiding. I actually saw her real diaries, so that was cool. Also I found out that her father edited out a lot from her diaries because they were about sexual experiences and adolescences. It's things like that, that make me really love history. I was glad we got to that right away because it got busy and a line wrapped around the building. we were all feeling kind of down from seeing her hiding place so the next stop was the sex museum. That had drawings, photographs, sculptures, etc of naked men and women, people having sex with other people, themselves, or animals, that's right beastility. It was really the biggest collection of porn in one place. We had a good laugh over some things. I didn't take any pictures because it felt dirty. There was this one guy who was filming the whole thing, creepy.
We figured we should get some souvenirs before we forget later on, so shopping was next. i bought myself little wooden clogs because it is amsterdam and you need to get clogs and tulips. I got tulip bulbs as well for my family to plant. They're called Zombie Tulips, why i have no idea. So we all did our shopping and went to go get something to eat. I packed a lunch so that saved me some money. Everyone else ate pizza. I ate a lot this weekend, i couldn't stop myself, i wonder why...
After eating food we decided it was time to check out the cafes. John went into one that was smoking only so he got himself some stuff. Kelly, Sarah and I wanted to try the cannabis food so we got some cake which tasted like banana bread. there is one place you can go where the entire menu is cannabis We met back up with the johns and by that point the one John was gone in his own little happy land. I tried some of what he had, but I wanted to stick with the food. Later john and I got cannabis milkshakes. They were so good, i got strawberry. Kelly and Sarah got one a little later on too. then John and I split a bag of cannabis gummys. I wasn't really feeling anything even though I have a lot of pot food. then all of a sudden it hit all of us in this store. I think it was the milkshake that got to us. It was a good time until we got back to the hotel and the paranoia kicked in.
Since I was a group of five I had to sleep with a stranger. I was ok with it earlier, but I wasn't in the state of mind for it now. She freaked me out. She didn't really know english and she had braces, a lot o metal in her mouth, and she just kept smiling. I kept thinking this women is going to rape me i can't sleep here, so i slept on sarah and Kelly's floor. It was a safer environment there.
Later that night it was time for the group to see a live sex show. Before the show we walked down skinny alley where there are women in the window tryin to sell themselves. We saw one guy go in and in like 5 minutes he was out, then his friend went in. the sex show was both guys and girls stripping and at the end two people had sex on stage. They pulled people from the audience for the stripping part. Both Johns and Kelly were pulled up. It was crazy, those people got naked and did things that were just not right. the one woman took off John's shirt and stuck a marker in her crotch and wrote on John's stomach. kelly was blindfolded and had the guy pulled out a fake dick and was putting it near her face, she had no idea what was going on. then he was all in her face with his own real dick. It was so funny to watch, but kinda of like "what am I watching and why am i here" kind of way. The other John had to put a dildo in his mouth and use it on the woman on stage. Words can not describe what I witnessed. Amsterdam was the strangest trip and I mean trip I've ever taken. After the sex show we headed back to the hotel and just crashed.
Sunday we went out for a ferry tour on the canals. That was nice to see. we saw houses that lean because they were built that way. We also saw a ton of house boats. i think it would be neat to stay on one of them for a month. I would never want to live in Amsterdam. The weekend was fun, but I needed one more day to see some of the sites i didn't get to like the van gogh museum. Plus I was kind of tired because all weekend I didn't get much sleep. After the boat ride we toured the Heineken brewery, at 10 in the morning. We got three free drinks and a free glass in a can. Free stuff is awsome, but beer at 10-11 not so good. I think I like heineken, it was ok. After the tour we had to go and catch our ferry home. THis time instead of sleeping on it we are taking a fast ferry back home that only took 3 hours. I had to take one of those sea sickness pills that time because the waves were rough. I also bought a t-shirt that says Holland Amsterdam on it, the t-shirt is too big so i'll have to shrink it. And I found my favorite chocolate from the last time i was in Europe, Milka. it's soo good it tastes like a smore, yum. we got back to london around 10 and i called people to tell them about my trip and talked to people in the house about it and then just crashed around 11:30. Amsterdam just craziness, I can't believe i was there
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
10:50 am
a bloke and a lassie shag on the streets of Scotland
Awsome weekend!!! It's taking me a while to update the journal but I've been busy. Kelli and Jocelyn arrived Thursday morning. They were really jet lagged so they ended up going back to my room and just crashing for a few hours. I was going to go to class but I discovered that my travel plans were booked for the wrong day so I had to book it to STA travel and have them change it. Everything worked out and there was only a minimal amount of freaking out. Later that night I took Joce and Kelli to Leister Square, Picadilly, Oxford, all over the place. We got dinner in Chinatown and stuffed ourselves with a buffet. It was nice to catch up with them and talk about whats going on at school and what I've been up to. Taking face to face was nice, i'm getting tired of emailing and phone calls, but please don't stop, I'll take any american contact anyway I can get it.

Friday Joce left for Italy and Kelli and I went to Scotland. We took the train into Edinburgh and it took about 4 1/2 hours. I did some homework and Kelli, Emily, and I all talked about Millersville things. Emily and Kelli got along really well this weekend and there was no third wheel kind of thing so that was good. We got into the city around 7:30 and we stopped in the hostel. Our room was above a pub, which was very convenant. We dropped our stuff on and then went to explore the city. As soon as we got outside we heard bagpipes so we followed the sound. We got our picture taken with the bagpiper and went up to Edinburgh castle. The city is so beautiful and it's strange to see all the old buildings next to McDonalds and corporate america. We tried to sneak onto a witch tour, but we got caught in under 5 minutes so we just wandered around some more. We headed back to the pub and talked with some of the locals. People are always curious to hear why you are there. It's nice to meet random people. When we were in the pub we noticed everyone was getting loud and looking out the window. So we were curious and squeezed through to see what was outside. It ended up it was a guy and girl (or bloke and lassie) having a shag on the street. I'm talking pants down, boobs out, and a lot of motion. so the whole pub is hooting and yelling. It was really funny. then this other guy comes along and she leaves with another guy. Craziness. SO that was our first impression of Scotland. It made for a good conversation starter. We talked to some guys from Spain who didn't know english too well, but they bought us a drink so that was nice.

Saturday we woke up early and met with our bus tour. We didn't tour Edinburgh, which kind of sucked because i wanted to see more of it in the daylight. But we headed to Loch Ness stopping on the way at battle fields, mountians. more lochs, and just random places. We stopped at one place to learn about the traditional dress and weapons that the Scots used hundreds of years ago. That was a lot of fun and really interesting History. I want to maybe buy some books on Scotland and read up on their history. We did a lot and the tour was quick pace. I never realized Loch Ness was so huge. Our tour guide Laura was really nice and she told stories and scottish folk tales. The hostel we stayed at was really nice and much better than the one in Edinburgh. In Edinburgh we shared a room with 10 people guys and girls and everyone was sleeping when we got back from the pub. At Loch Ness it was 4 to a room all girls and it was really clean and nice. I slept really well and was ready for the next day. That night there was a pub under our rooms again and we mingled with the people on our tour. there was 21 of us and all under 30. We got more free drinks and the people we were with were awsome. I got a long with this one girl Allison and we talked about teaching abroad and she gave me some info. I'm finding out that I don't want to be placed down in one job, I want to teach in other countries. we'll see how that works out. She taught in japan and the pay was good and they set you up with a furnished apartment and you only have to pay a cheap rent. I could totally be like the girl in Lost in Translation, that would rock.

Sunday we traveled to the Isle of Skye and we stopped at places along the way as well. We saw a lot of mountains this trip. The area was so beautiful. We stopped to take a 2 hour hike and enjoy the view. It was great and you feel awsome when you get to the top. Kelli actually went allll the way up. I made it further than others, but not all the way to the top. It was good and i wasn't tired so i guess i'm in shape. After the hike we talked to more people on the tour and got to know them better. We stayed in a hostel in Skye same deal with a pub under us. I wonder if it's like that in all the hostels. Monday we headed back to Edinburgh but we stopped at a William Wallace monument and learned about him. there was also a statue there of Mel Gibson as William wallace and it was really funny looking. We headed back to Edinburgh and I was able to hit some of the shops before they closed. I spend a lot of money, but I don't care I'm living it up. I got a scarf with the Clarke clan pattern, only it's clarke with out the 'e', but good enough.

I did a lot more but this is really long and this is it in a nutshell. Scotland was awsome and I'm going back there sometime. Joce and Kelli are here until Saturday morning so we'll be busy touring and i think friday is dedicated to just shopping. Tuesday Kelli and I went around in the afternoon. we went on the London eye, went to St. Pauls, West Minster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and walked along the Thames. It was a really nice day out. Later I went to class and Kelli went out on her own. She's out now on here own again because Joce isn't back yet. i don't know what's going on ith Joce because we never made a point to make plans of where to meet when she gets back. She can handle her own, but i hope she can meet up with kelli. Tomorrow I have class all day and a stupid test so I can't hang out with them until thursday night, but it should be fun I think we are going out dancing and stuff. It's should be fun.

Less than a month until my family comes and then Steve!!!
Monday, March 1st, 2004
1:57 pm
and we danced like the wave of the ocean romance...
This is really long and i'll be surprised if people read my posts

this weekend was a ton of fun. Friday Emily, Emily, John and I all took the train out to oxford. It was funny because right away Emily, my roomate, and John got into parent mode, whipping out maps and making a plan for the day. The other Emily and I started calling them mom and dad. it was a good time. We walked around the town and looked at someof the universities that were there. I didn't know there are 16 different Universities in Oxford. We looked around Oxford University of course and bought a lot of things. I got a sweat shirt and t-shirt for myself and a shirt for both my sisters. We did a lot of walking. We went into a Botanical Garden and ate lunch outside, it was kind of cold, but sunny out. I wish if i could go back there in july or some time warm. I dunno maybe i'll stay in Europe longer, change my ticket from the 8th of may to who knows. i dunno i doubt i'll do it but a thought...
We went to one university where scenes from Harry Potter were filmed. That was pretty cool. I can't wait to see the 3rd film in June. Let's see what else did i do in oxford... just walked around and ate at a pub then went home. I was really tired from the day so i didn't go out, i wish if i did because emily went to an awsome dance club, but Saturday night we went to a different one and i had such a good time
Saturday Emily W., John, Jon, and I all went to Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick castle. Stratford kind of was over rated and boring. I went to the home of shakespear and where he is buried and that was about it. I did have a really good sausage hotdog and i think that was the highlight of that town. emily and i also went into a teddy bear museum where wer got ripped off, i want my £2 back. After Stratfor I decided I really don't enjoy shakespeare all that much, well that's not really true, but i saw taming of the Shrew for my theatre class and it was horrible. i was so pissed off at the message p=of the play. the theme is to be obdient to your husband and do what he says and agree to what he says. if the sun is the moon that its the moon, what shit is that. and don't tell me about how it was writen back in the day, i spent £15 on a crap play (the acing was good and there were some funny scenes,plus i was in the 4th row), that i could have spent on something else. Anyway
Warwick Castle was unbelievable. It rocked. I took a ton of pictures. we went up all the towers, went through the castle, went in the dungeon which was cool becaus there were wax figures because madame tousiouse (can't spell it right now) owes the castle so there were wax figures. I'm looking forward to going to that museum when my parents come over. We also toured the garden more. After the castle we decided to go to a dance club. we pregamed it before hand, and it was a good thing because drinks were £3.50. We had a good time dancing. We started out as a huge group but as soon as we payed the cover charge some people decided it wasn't there scene and left, i was glad because they are 'popular too cool for dancing dumb, really dumb girls' so it was emily, emily, zach, ashley, matt, dave, and me. Then drama began with the love triangle of ashley, emily, and matt (ashley is a guy incase people are wondering). then people started leaving and not telling anyone. Emily ended up being left at the club, she came home really upset and i apologized and asked people what happened. I realized that they are really cool people but i can't hang out with some of them together at the same time. It's like some of them didn't care about emily being upset. what jerks but everything was better the next morning.

Sunday i did homework and finished one of my papers that are due in may, man i rock! oh we also went to camden town and i got some gifts for people and some things for myself. oh and i found poptarts in the UK, that really made my day because my parents shipped them over because i couldn't find them. well i have to meet Josh so we can history major geek it up at the imperial war museum.

Kelli and Joce are coming thursday, i'm so excited!!!!!
Thursday, February 26th, 2004
1:32 pm
Pool parties in pubs SUCK
So yesterday was interesting. It started out really good and ended up really drunk. I went to theatre in london class and then Emily, Rachel, and I decided to go to the threatre museum. it was really interesting and we watched people doing makeup and other threatre related things. The museum is in Covent Gardens so we did some shopping as well. I remembered being there before and it was strange to think about being in london six years ago and being here now. so much has changed and i don't even talk the people i went with anymore. I hope i can keep in contact with the people i've met here. I'm really having a good time and a lot of the people are cool.

I ended up buying a really nice tea set for my london souviner. I really like the pattern and i'm glad i bought it because it's something i'll have forever. Later Emily and i got separated in H&M so i left and took the tube home alone and she went to see a play.

I came back and worked on my paper a little and it's coming along nicely. Ashley, Zach, and I decided to go to spoofers because it was a pool party kind of thing and we had nothing else to do. it was £ drinks when we got there and it was only for another 5 minutes so i double fisted it, that was a bad idea. then i got a guy from the house to buy me a drink and he made it a double, then i finished that and double fisted it again. this all happened in like 45 minutes and i spent all the money i had. Later there were girls that came out with bottles of booze and they just poured drinks down your throat. They had really bad aim and the one girl poured the bottle onto Ashley's hair so he wasn't too happy about that. Lets see then i had Jagar shot and then i was over the top pissed out of my mind. the guys were getting a little crazy and i think i got my ass slapped a few times. One guy in the house kissed me and i said i had a boyfriend, later that night he pulled me into the pool. SO my night ended with me way wasted, wet from waist down, and frozen for the walk back to the house. It was a crazy night that i will never relive ever again. way too much alcohol and drunk people throwing up, one guy twisted his ankle, and one of the Johns ended up getting kicked out because he was falling on things. man England is crazy.

I woke up this morning still drunk and not good for a 2 hour class. I had to waked up both Mike and Josh because they passed out in their clothes and never set their alarms. It was not pretty this morning. Well that was my crazy drunk night/morning. i have to get to econ and sit through more learning, at least i have some caffine in me this time.
Monday, February 23rd, 2004
9:51 am
Wild weekend in Wales
I went our the adventure weekend in the southern coast of wales this friday. It was awsome!!! It was a five hour train ride and we got there early so we had some time to kill before the bus picked us all up. Me and a few girls from Millersville, who by the way i will never hang out with again, they are like a cult and antisocial and fun. So most of the weekend i hung out by myself or hanging out with random people on the trip. Anyway. when we go into town we found a little coffee shop and had some hot chocolate and scones. It was really interesting because all of a sudden the whole cafe was talking to us and telling us what to see in Wales. It was really nice talking to locals.
When the bus picked us up we went to the cabin that held 25 people. I was in a room with ten girls. There were triple bunk beds and loafs, it was pretty cool. The girls that were in my room were the Millersville girls and some extremely slutty girls from who knows. I know they are sluts because they wouldn't stop talking about all the random sex they were having. I think a lot of people hooked up this weekend too and rumor has it one of the girls i'm living with had sex in a bathroom. Enough about stupid people.
Friday we had vegetarian lasana. It was so good, all the meals they made us this weekend was awsome. We did some drinking and played cards and jenga. It was a fun time meeting new people and talking to them. the next morning we got up had breakfast and i was scheduled for kayaking. we had on wet suits so it wasn't too cold. I didn't tip over but i somehow managed to get my clothes completly wet. It was fun but really windy so we couldn't go out into the ocean. We played some water kayaking games and just paddled around. there was one time when the wind was so strong that I kept paddling but i wasn't moving anywhere, so the one instructor what to tug boat me around, it was funny. I ended up getting a hang of it by the end of the lesson.
After kayaking we went back to the house for warm soup and sandwhiches. Then a bunch of us were scheduled for a seven mile hike along the coast. We got to take along one of the instructors dog too. He was crazy all he wanted was for people to throw sticks for him to get, i think he chased a stick for the entire hike. It was so beautiful and i took a ton of pictures. We saw wild welsh horses that were really furry, a ton of sheep, and a whole lot of animal shit. By the time we were done everyone was exhausted. I ended up getting a cold on Thursday so I wasn't feeling too well and needed some rest so i didn't drink with everyone.
After dinner we played more games. I actually met an australian and canadian who were on the trip with us. They were nice to talk to because they weren't study abroad students but teachers. After talking to them I've been thinking about coming back to England in like 5 years to teach for a year or two. The pay is about the same as what we make in the states. They also taught us the australian way of playing bullshit, i think i like their way better. So I had a relaxing night while everyone down stairs was drinking, table dancing, playing dirty jenga, and writing on people. I missed some of the fun but i was just too tired to be social.
Sunday morning I went coastering which is cliff jumping. This time we had a full body wetsuit. i was covered in rubber from head to toe, it was a good think too because i was nice and warm in the water. We did this group activity before we got into the water. Everyone had to lay down on their backs except the smallest person, which of course was me. And I had to lay on top of everyone and they had to roll me down by everyone rolling at the same time. That was fun and it cracked me up. After that we jumped into the water. We did a lot of rock climbing and I'm feeling the pain this morning. We jumped off some mini cliffs and worked our way up. The highest we jumped was 25 feet. I did that one twice, it was awsome, a good rush. After that it was lunch and then time to go home.
Wales was a great trip and I'm glad i went. I would like to go back some time and see more of the country, because we didn't have much free time. Also I didn't buy a souvenir when I was there and i wish if i had. Next time I go away to another country I'm not going to hesitate with my money. If people get a chance go to wales and be adventurous and take in the beauty of it all.

Hope everyone is having fun at home. Let me know whats going on and how people are doing.
Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
11:25 am
Booked Scotland!
I have some time to kill before my Theatre in London class so I thought I would update. One thing I really like about England is I can have a drink anytime anywhere and it doesn't matter. Monday night was a good time. i went to the Pineapple for Trivia with the Emilys and Adam. We also met up with a british bloke Sam who fancys my roomate Emily, but he's cool and I really haven't had too much contact with the Brits. Hopefully that will change very soon because I like going into pubs and chatting with random locals. Also Adam works at the Pineapple so we got free drinks, score! So I was drunk and a good drunk unlike Emily who did like 6 shots in 15 minutes and got sick as soon as we got to the pub. Ah live and learn, I did New years...never again.

Not much going on. i did Laundry for the first time and it took 4 hours to do two loads. I watched a movie about the Easter uprising in Ireland called Michael Collins. It was a good flick and it helped me to understand more about my Conflict in Northern Ireland class. I'm really starting to enjoy that class. There is a woman in my class that was in ireland during the 60-80s and did all that violent protesting. She was telling us the best way to make a CS bomb, it was crazy. I think I should talk to her, and enjoy listening.

Today I got up early and went into Russel Square to book Scotland. It was the first time I went on the underground alone, kinda pathetic since I've been here 4 weeks, I'm trying to branch out on my own more. After class Emily and I are going to do some shopping around Holloway and see what is down the side streets. I was hoping to go on a wacky adventure one night with people but i'm kinda busy until Monday. thursday i have class all day and then I'm going to see a play for class and then i need to pack for the holiday to Wales. Man I love the british language it's way cooler than american. Well I think that's about all, I better head off to class. hope everyone is having a good time at home. I realize everyone is moving away for a while and busy with school but let me know whats new if you have a chance.
Monday, February 16th, 2004
11:30 am
Beatles and Chocolate
This weekend was awsome. Man I look having no Friday and Monday classes. Friday I went to Liverpool and saw the Beatles Museum. we spent a lot of time there and i learned some new facts. Like Yoko had 2 miscarriages, and Brian Epinstien died of a drug overdose and without him it kinda lead to the break up. It was a good time. But if you don't like the beatles I won't really go to liverpool because there isn't much out there.

Saturday I went to Cadbury world and ate a ton of chocolate. I ate so much that I didn't want to see chocolate for a good two hours and then i ate more. The tour was fun and we got free chocolate, and I'm not talking a nugget, we got 7 regular sized candy bars. It was fun and filling.

Sunday I got up hella early and went to mass at St. Pauls Cathedral. It was interesting but one time is good enough for me. The mass only lasted 30 minutes and there was no music. the priest had his back towards the crowd the whole time. and when i say crowd i mean under 30 people. Also when we got communion we had to kneel at the alter and he walked down the row. also we had to take the wine. i tried to hold it myself but he won't let go, i didn't know he held the cup. Also towards the end of mass Emily's stomach kept growling loudly and i got major giggles. I tried to hide it by doing the silent laugh and by the end i was crying. I always laugh when it's too serious.

I booked the train tickets to Scotland for kelli and I and Emily from Millersville is coming with us as well. I just realized i booked way too many trips and i need to do all my papers early because every weekend except two are busy with visitors or traveling. I hope i don't get too stressed over it but i kind of forget i'm here to do school as well. no worries I'll get it all done. I'm actually in the library and i'm going to strt reseach on a 4000 word paper worth 100% of my grade due at the last week of class.

I saw the play Edge last night as well. It was about Slyvia Plath and it was a one woman show. It was so good, she did a really awsome job. the play really belittles Slyvia's husband, who is still alive and I wonder how he feels about the plays and movies about her life? Also he owes the rights to her writes so he got rich off her suicide which is wrong.
Thursday I'm going to see Play without words. I have no idea what it's about but it should be interesting.

Well better get some work done i've been emailing and on the computer for way too long.
Monday, February 9th, 2004
11:55 am
Happiness is a warm gun....freaky
I've been keeping busy in London!
Friday Night I went and saw Les Miserables for my theater class. It was sooo good. I knew the music going into it because my parents saw it and use to play it all the time, but the play is unbelievable. If you get a chance to see it go. We got the mega super cheap seats for £12.50 and we were really high up. It was a little scarey looking allll the way down. Before the play Emily, Emily, Lucy, Malania, and I went to the Tate Modern. Let me tell you some of those pieces are not art! There was this one video of a mad in a mask hitting himself and using fake blood. Then he stands up and he's naked. and the point of the hour long film, which I did not watch, is the more he hits him self the more excited he gets and in the last scene when he hits himself for the last time he also finishes the job down below, if you all know what I mean. Then there was this other video where the film was speed up and this girl repeats, in a high voice, "she's not a girl who misses much" form Happiness is a warm gun. It was freaky. Emily and I were shocked, but couldn't help to watch. oh craziness. There was also Degas, Andy Warhol, and other artists, but those two were the freakiest.

Saturday I went and saw another play for class, Stones in his Pockets. It was about Hollywood coming to Ireland and the story was about the extras in the film. What was neat about it was the two men played all the characters, both women and men. They changed their body language and voices when they were someone else. You kinda forgot that you were only watching ttwo people. I really enjoyed it.
Sunday I went into Oxford Cricus and Picadilly for some shopping. I was going to go to Harrods but it's closed on Sundays. I got a few gifts for people and a shirt for myself at the huge H&M.

Today Emily Webester and I are going to do some school work, travel plans, and maybe get a ticket to see Play Without words.

Also by the end of the week I should be booked for Amsterdam. Also Kelli and I decided to go to Prague (yeah!) and i'm going to see about plans for that.
Thursday, February 5th, 2004
1:04 pm
They have pubs in the dorms, that rocks
Wow so much to say so little time. I just thought i would let people know what i've been up to. I had my first week of classes. So far I like them all and they only entail one or tow papers or a paper and a test. Conflict in N. Ireland is good I plan to learn a lot about whats been going on over there. theater in london will be fun. Everyone in the class is from the states. We are seeing Les Miserables and other plays only done in London. I have dictatorship and War which seems very familiar and sounds like a lot of my other history courses. I think it should be easy since i know the subject well after taking Hitler and Nazism at the Ville. I also have International Econ which i don't look forward to at all. I really hope its easy and i pass.

I've been planning more trips and i think i want to go to prague and i think i found an awsome trip to amsterdam for £139 which includes food, room, and a ferry over there. My mom said to go all over the place and don't worry about money. I know I'll be broke when I get back so Steve may have to pay for the dates, but he does that anyway. thanks for that!

Last night was the first night i actually got drunk! WE found places that have cheap alcohol and not £2.50 a pint. so i got 7 drinks/shots for £5. Also I got guys to buy me drinks. Steve said to take advantage of it and if their willing to buy i'm ok with that. I had a lot of fun with Emily, Matt, and Dave. We just went out drinking and had a good time.

This weekend I'm planning on going to see some plays for my class and get them over with so i can have weekends free. I'm meeting a lot of nice people and I kinda go from group to group so i'm not staying with the same people. I'm traveling with everyone and it should be fun.

Tonight is a free dinner and drink thing at the Rocket bar from study abroad students. Anywhere where there is free food I'm there and free drinks don't hurt either.

Well better get to class. Hope everyone is doing well and I miss you guys. I can't wait to show some of you a good time!
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