beatlemania (beatlemania) wrote,

They have pubs in the dorms, that rocks

Wow so much to say so little time. I just thought i would let people know what i've been up to. I had my first week of classes. So far I like them all and they only entail one or tow papers or a paper and a test. Conflict in N. Ireland is good I plan to learn a lot about whats been going on over there. theater in london will be fun. Everyone in the class is from the states. We are seeing Les Miserables and other plays only done in London. I have dictatorship and War which seems very familiar and sounds like a lot of my other history courses. I think it should be easy since i know the subject well after taking Hitler and Nazism at the Ville. I also have International Econ which i don't look forward to at all. I really hope its easy and i pass.

I've been planning more trips and i think i want to go to prague and i think i found an awsome trip to amsterdam for £139 which includes food, room, and a ferry over there. My mom said to go all over the place and don't worry about money. I know I'll be broke when I get back so Steve may have to pay for the dates, but he does that anyway. thanks for that!

Last night was the first night i actually got drunk! WE found places that have cheap alcohol and not £2.50 a pint. so i got 7 drinks/shots for £5. Also I got guys to buy me drinks. Steve said to take advantage of it and if their willing to buy i'm ok with that. I had a lot of fun with Emily, Matt, and Dave. We just went out drinking and had a good time.

This weekend I'm planning on going to see some plays for my class and get them over with so i can have weekends free. I'm meeting a lot of nice people and I kinda go from group to group so i'm not staying with the same people. I'm traveling with everyone and it should be fun.

Tonight is a free dinner and drink thing at the Rocket bar from study abroad students. Anywhere where there is free food I'm there and free drinks don't hurt either.

Well better get to class. Hope everyone is doing well and I miss you guys. I can't wait to show some of you a good time!
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