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Happiness is a warm gun....freaky

I've been keeping busy in London!
Friday Night I went and saw Les Miserables for my theater class. It was sooo good. I knew the music going into it because my parents saw it and use to play it all the time, but the play is unbelievable. If you get a chance to see it go. We got the mega super cheap seats for £12.50 and we were really high up. It was a little scarey looking allll the way down. Before the play Emily, Emily, Lucy, Malania, and I went to the Tate Modern. Let me tell you some of those pieces are not art! There was this one video of a mad in a mask hitting himself and using fake blood. Then he stands up and he's naked. and the point of the hour long film, which I did not watch, is the more he hits him self the more excited he gets and in the last scene when he hits himself for the last time he also finishes the job down below, if you all know what I mean. Then there was this other video where the film was speed up and this girl repeats, in a high voice, "she's not a girl who misses much" form Happiness is a warm gun. It was freaky. Emily and I were shocked, but couldn't help to watch. oh craziness. There was also Degas, Andy Warhol, and other artists, but those two were the freakiest.

Saturday I went and saw another play for class, Stones in his Pockets. It was about Hollywood coming to Ireland and the story was about the extras in the film. What was neat about it was the two men played all the characters, both women and men. They changed their body language and voices when they were someone else. You kinda forgot that you were only watching ttwo people. I really enjoyed it.
Sunday I went into Oxford Cricus and Picadilly for some shopping. I was going to go to Harrods but it's closed on Sundays. I got a few gifts for people and a shirt for myself at the huge H&M.

Today Emily Webester and I are going to do some school work, travel plans, and maybe get a ticket to see Play Without words.

Also by the end of the week I should be booked for Amsterdam. Also Kelli and I decided to go to Prague (yeah!) and i'm going to see about plans for that.
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