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Beatles and Chocolate

This weekend was awsome. Man I look having no Friday and Monday classes. Friday I went to Liverpool and saw the Beatles Museum. we spent a lot of time there and i learned some new facts. Like Yoko had 2 miscarriages, and Brian Epinstien died of a drug overdose and without him it kinda lead to the break up. It was a good time. But if you don't like the beatles I won't really go to liverpool because there isn't much out there.

Saturday I went to Cadbury world and ate a ton of chocolate. I ate so much that I didn't want to see chocolate for a good two hours and then i ate more. The tour was fun and we got free chocolate, and I'm not talking a nugget, we got 7 regular sized candy bars. It was fun and filling.

Sunday I got up hella early and went to mass at St. Pauls Cathedral. It was interesting but one time is good enough for me. The mass only lasted 30 minutes and there was no music. the priest had his back towards the crowd the whole time. and when i say crowd i mean under 30 people. Also when we got communion we had to kneel at the alter and he walked down the row. also we had to take the wine. i tried to hold it myself but he won't let go, i didn't know he held the cup. Also towards the end of mass Emily's stomach kept growling loudly and i got major giggles. I tried to hide it by doing the silent laugh and by the end i was crying. I always laugh when it's too serious.

I booked the train tickets to Scotland for kelli and I and Emily from Millersville is coming with us as well. I just realized i booked way too many trips and i need to do all my papers early because every weekend except two are busy with visitors or traveling. I hope i don't get too stressed over it but i kind of forget i'm here to do school as well. no worries I'll get it all done. I'm actually in the library and i'm going to strt reseach on a 4000 word paper worth 100% of my grade due at the last week of class.

I saw the play Edge last night as well. It was about Slyvia Plath and it was a one woman show. It was so good, she did a really awsome job. the play really belittles Slyvia's husband, who is still alive and I wonder how he feels about the plays and movies about her life? Also he owes the rights to her writes so he got rich off her suicide which is wrong.
Thursday I'm going to see Play without words. I have no idea what it's about but it should be interesting.

Well better get some work done i've been emailing and on the computer for way too long.
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