beatlemania (beatlemania) wrote,

Booked Scotland!

I have some time to kill before my Theatre in London class so I thought I would update. One thing I really like about England is I can have a drink anytime anywhere and it doesn't matter. Monday night was a good time. i went to the Pineapple for Trivia with the Emilys and Adam. We also met up with a british bloke Sam who fancys my roomate Emily, but he's cool and I really haven't had too much contact with the Brits. Hopefully that will change very soon because I like going into pubs and chatting with random locals. Also Adam works at the Pineapple so we got free drinks, score! So I was drunk and a good drunk unlike Emily who did like 6 shots in 15 minutes and got sick as soon as we got to the pub. Ah live and learn, I did New years...never again.

Not much going on. i did Laundry for the first time and it took 4 hours to do two loads. I watched a movie about the Easter uprising in Ireland called Michael Collins. It was a good flick and it helped me to understand more about my Conflict in Northern Ireland class. I'm really starting to enjoy that class. There is a woman in my class that was in ireland during the 60-80s and did all that violent protesting. She was telling us the best way to make a CS bomb, it was crazy. I think I should talk to her, and enjoy listening.

Today I got up early and went into Russel Square to book Scotland. It was the first time I went on the underground alone, kinda pathetic since I've been here 4 weeks, I'm trying to branch out on my own more. After class Emily and I are going to do some shopping around Holloway and see what is down the side streets. I was hoping to go on a wacky adventure one night with people but i'm kinda busy until Monday. thursday i have class all day and then I'm going to see a play for class and then i need to pack for the holiday to Wales. Man I love the british language it's way cooler than american. Well I think that's about all, I better head off to class. hope everyone is having a good time at home. I realize everyone is moving away for a while and busy with school but let me know whats new if you have a chance.
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