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Wild weekend in Wales

I went our the adventure weekend in the southern coast of wales this friday. It was awsome!!! It was a five hour train ride and we got there early so we had some time to kill before the bus picked us all up. Me and a few girls from Millersville, who by the way i will never hang out with again, they are like a cult and antisocial and fun. So most of the weekend i hung out by myself or hanging out with random people on the trip. Anyway. when we go into town we found a little coffee shop and had some hot chocolate and scones. It was really interesting because all of a sudden the whole cafe was talking to us and telling us what to see in Wales. It was really nice talking to locals.
When the bus picked us up we went to the cabin that held 25 people. I was in a room with ten girls. There were triple bunk beds and loafs, it was pretty cool. The girls that were in my room were the Millersville girls and some extremely slutty girls from who knows. I know they are sluts because they wouldn't stop talking about all the random sex they were having. I think a lot of people hooked up this weekend too and rumor has it one of the girls i'm living with had sex in a bathroom. Enough about stupid people.
Friday we had vegetarian lasana. It was so good, all the meals they made us this weekend was awsome. We did some drinking and played cards and jenga. It was a fun time meeting new people and talking to them. the next morning we got up had breakfast and i was scheduled for kayaking. we had on wet suits so it wasn't too cold. I didn't tip over but i somehow managed to get my clothes completly wet. It was fun but really windy so we couldn't go out into the ocean. We played some water kayaking games and just paddled around. there was one time when the wind was so strong that I kept paddling but i wasn't moving anywhere, so the one instructor what to tug boat me around, it was funny. I ended up getting a hang of it by the end of the lesson.
After kayaking we went back to the house for warm soup and sandwhiches. Then a bunch of us were scheduled for a seven mile hike along the coast. We got to take along one of the instructors dog too. He was crazy all he wanted was for people to throw sticks for him to get, i think he chased a stick for the entire hike. It was so beautiful and i took a ton of pictures. We saw wild welsh horses that were really furry, a ton of sheep, and a whole lot of animal shit. By the time we were done everyone was exhausted. I ended up getting a cold on Thursday so I wasn't feeling too well and needed some rest so i didn't drink with everyone.
After dinner we played more games. I actually met an australian and canadian who were on the trip with us. They were nice to talk to because they weren't study abroad students but teachers. After talking to them I've been thinking about coming back to England in like 5 years to teach for a year or two. The pay is about the same as what we make in the states. They also taught us the australian way of playing bullshit, i think i like their way better. So I had a relaxing night while everyone down stairs was drinking, table dancing, playing dirty jenga, and writing on people. I missed some of the fun but i was just too tired to be social.
Sunday morning I went coastering which is cliff jumping. This time we had a full body wetsuit. i was covered in rubber from head to toe, it was a good think too because i was nice and warm in the water. We did this group activity before we got into the water. Everyone had to lay down on their backs except the smallest person, which of course was me. And I had to lay on top of everyone and they had to roll me down by everyone rolling at the same time. That was fun and it cracked me up. After that we jumped into the water. We did a lot of rock climbing and I'm feeling the pain this morning. We jumped off some mini cliffs and worked our way up. The highest we jumped was 25 feet. I did that one twice, it was awsome, a good rush. After that it was lunch and then time to go home.
Wales was a great trip and I'm glad i went. I would like to go back some time and see more of the country, because we didn't have much free time. Also I didn't buy a souvenir when I was there and i wish if i had. Next time I go away to another country I'm not going to hesitate with my money. If people get a chance go to wales and be adventurous and take in the beauty of it all.

Hope everyone is having fun at home. Let me know whats going on and how people are doing.
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