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a bloke and a lassie shag on the streets of Scotland

Awsome weekend!!! It's taking me a while to update the journal but I've been busy. Kelli and Jocelyn arrived Thursday morning. They were really jet lagged so they ended up going back to my room and just crashing for a few hours. I was going to go to class but I discovered that my travel plans were booked for the wrong day so I had to book it to STA travel and have them change it. Everything worked out and there was only a minimal amount of freaking out. Later that night I took Joce and Kelli to Leister Square, Picadilly, Oxford, all over the place. We got dinner in Chinatown and stuffed ourselves with a buffet. It was nice to catch up with them and talk about whats going on at school and what I've been up to. Taking face to face was nice, i'm getting tired of emailing and phone calls, but please don't stop, I'll take any american contact anyway I can get it.

Friday Joce left for Italy and Kelli and I went to Scotland. We took the train into Edinburgh and it took about 4 1/2 hours. I did some homework and Kelli, Emily, and I all talked about Millersville things. Emily and Kelli got along really well this weekend and there was no third wheel kind of thing so that was good. We got into the city around 7:30 and we stopped in the hostel. Our room was above a pub, which was very convenant. We dropped our stuff on and then went to explore the city. As soon as we got outside we heard bagpipes so we followed the sound. We got our picture taken with the bagpiper and went up to Edinburgh castle. The city is so beautiful and it's strange to see all the old buildings next to McDonalds and corporate america. We tried to sneak onto a witch tour, but we got caught in under 5 minutes so we just wandered around some more. We headed back to the pub and talked with some of the locals. People are always curious to hear why you are there. It's nice to meet random people. When we were in the pub we noticed everyone was getting loud and looking out the window. So we were curious and squeezed through to see what was outside. It ended up it was a guy and girl (or bloke and lassie) having a shag on the street. I'm talking pants down, boobs out, and a lot of motion. so the whole pub is hooting and yelling. It was really funny. then this other guy comes along and she leaves with another guy. Craziness. SO that was our first impression of Scotland. It made for a good conversation starter. We talked to some guys from Spain who didn't know english too well, but they bought us a drink so that was nice.

Saturday we woke up early and met with our bus tour. We didn't tour Edinburgh, which kind of sucked because i wanted to see more of it in the daylight. But we headed to Loch Ness stopping on the way at battle fields, mountians. more lochs, and just random places. We stopped at one place to learn about the traditional dress and weapons that the Scots used hundreds of years ago. That was a lot of fun and really interesting History. I want to maybe buy some books on Scotland and read up on their history. We did a lot and the tour was quick pace. I never realized Loch Ness was so huge. Our tour guide Laura was really nice and she told stories and scottish folk tales. The hostel we stayed at was really nice and much better than the one in Edinburgh. In Edinburgh we shared a room with 10 people guys and girls and everyone was sleeping when we got back from the pub. At Loch Ness it was 4 to a room all girls and it was really clean and nice. I slept really well and was ready for the next day. That night there was a pub under our rooms again and we mingled with the people on our tour. there was 21 of us and all under 30. We got more free drinks and the people we were with were awsome. I got a long with this one girl Allison and we talked about teaching abroad and she gave me some info. I'm finding out that I don't want to be placed down in one job, I want to teach in other countries. we'll see how that works out. She taught in japan and the pay was good and they set you up with a furnished apartment and you only have to pay a cheap rent. I could totally be like the girl in Lost in Translation, that would rock.

Sunday we traveled to the Isle of Skye and we stopped at places along the way as well. We saw a lot of mountains this trip. The area was so beautiful. We stopped to take a 2 hour hike and enjoy the view. It was great and you feel awsome when you get to the top. Kelli actually went allll the way up. I made it further than others, but not all the way to the top. It was good and i wasn't tired so i guess i'm in shape. After the hike we talked to more people on the tour and got to know them better. We stayed in a hostel in Skye same deal with a pub under us. I wonder if it's like that in all the hostels. Monday we headed back to Edinburgh but we stopped at a William Wallace monument and learned about him. there was also a statue there of Mel Gibson as William wallace and it was really funny looking. We headed back to Edinburgh and I was able to hit some of the shops before they closed. I spend a lot of money, but I don't care I'm living it up. I got a scarf with the Clarke clan pattern, only it's clarke with out the 'e', but good enough.

I did a lot more but this is really long and this is it in a nutshell. Scotland was awsome and I'm going back there sometime. Joce and Kelli are here until Saturday morning so we'll be busy touring and i think friday is dedicated to just shopping. Tuesday Kelli and I went around in the afternoon. we went on the London eye, went to St. Pauls, West Minster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and walked along the Thames. It was a really nice day out. Later I went to class and Kelli went out on her own. She's out now on here own again because Joce isn't back yet. i don't know what's going on ith Joce because we never made a point to make plans of where to meet when she gets back. She can handle her own, but i hope she can meet up with kelli. Tomorrow I have class all day and a stupid test so I can't hang out with them until thursday night, but it should be fun I think we are going out dancing and stuff. It's should be fun.

Less than a month until my family comes and then Steve!!!
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