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Amsterdam and those cute wooden shoes

Amsterdam, what can I say...

I left Friday around 3:30 with Sarah, kelly, John, and jon to go to Amsterdam for the weekend. We took a bus tour kind of thing and the bus took us to a ferry that would take us to Holland. It was nice to take a ferry instead of a plane, it was different. I was ok on the ferry, no sea sickness. There was a dinner buffet and i filled myself so much because it was free and that's what you do at buffets. Sarah, Kelly, and I all shared a cabin to sleep in for the night. The rooms were nice, I slept well, but everyone else woke up when the ferry was shaking and vibrating. I slept right through it. We got to holland around 9 am and took the bus into Amsterdam.
The weather was crazy and crappy. There were gail force winds and it was raining. I forgot my umbrella and i was getting blown around from the wind. We started our day off at the Anne Frank house. It was really interesting and I learned a lot about her diary and what she did in hiding. I actually saw her real diaries, so that was cool. Also I found out that her father edited out a lot from her diaries because they were about sexual experiences and adolescences. It's things like that, that make me really love history. I was glad we got to that right away because it got busy and a line wrapped around the building. we were all feeling kind of down from seeing her hiding place so the next stop was the sex museum. That had drawings, photographs, sculptures, etc of naked men and women, people having sex with other people, themselves, or animals, that's right beastility. It was really the biggest collection of porn in one place. We had a good laugh over some things. I didn't take any pictures because it felt dirty. There was this one guy who was filming the whole thing, creepy.
We figured we should get some souvenirs before we forget later on, so shopping was next. i bought myself little wooden clogs because it is amsterdam and you need to get clogs and tulips. I got tulip bulbs as well for my family to plant. They're called Zombie Tulips, why i have no idea. So we all did our shopping and went to go get something to eat. I packed a lunch so that saved me some money. Everyone else ate pizza. I ate a lot this weekend, i couldn't stop myself, i wonder why...
After eating food we decided it was time to check out the cafes. John went into one that was smoking only so he got himself some stuff. Kelly, Sarah and I wanted to try the cannabis food so we got some cake which tasted like banana bread. there is one place you can go where the entire menu is cannabis We met back up with the johns and by that point the one John was gone in his own little happy land. I tried some of what he had, but I wanted to stick with the food. Later john and I got cannabis milkshakes. They were so good, i got strawberry. Kelly and Sarah got one a little later on too. then John and I split a bag of cannabis gummys. I wasn't really feeling anything even though I have a lot of pot food. then all of a sudden it hit all of us in this store. I think it was the milkshake that got to us. It was a good time until we got back to the hotel and the paranoia kicked in.
Since I was a group of five I had to sleep with a stranger. I was ok with it earlier, but I wasn't in the state of mind for it now. She freaked me out. She didn't really know english and she had braces, a lot o metal in her mouth, and she just kept smiling. I kept thinking this women is going to rape me i can't sleep here, so i slept on sarah and Kelly's floor. It was a safer environment there.
Later that night it was time for the group to see a live sex show. Before the show we walked down skinny alley where there are women in the window tryin to sell themselves. We saw one guy go in and in like 5 minutes he was out, then his friend went in. the sex show was both guys and girls stripping and at the end two people had sex on stage. They pulled people from the audience for the stripping part. Both Johns and Kelly were pulled up. It was crazy, those people got naked and did things that were just not right. the one woman took off John's shirt and stuck a marker in her crotch and wrote on John's stomach. kelly was blindfolded and had the guy pulled out a fake dick and was putting it near her face, she had no idea what was going on. then he was all in her face with his own real dick. It was so funny to watch, but kinda of like "what am I watching and why am i here" kind of way. The other John had to put a dildo in his mouth and use it on the woman on stage. Words can not describe what I witnessed. Amsterdam was the strangest trip and I mean trip I've ever taken. After the sex show we headed back to the hotel and just crashed.
Sunday we went out for a ferry tour on the canals. That was nice to see. we saw houses that lean because they were built that way. We also saw a ton of house boats. i think it would be neat to stay on one of them for a month. I would never want to live in Amsterdam. The weekend was fun, but I needed one more day to see some of the sites i didn't get to like the van gogh museum. Plus I was kind of tired because all weekend I didn't get much sleep. After the boat ride we toured the Heineken brewery, at 10 in the morning. We got three free drinks and a free glass in a can. Free stuff is awsome, but beer at 10-11 not so good. I think I like heineken, it was ok. After the tour we had to go and catch our ferry home. THis time instead of sleeping on it we are taking a fast ferry back home that only took 3 hours. I had to take one of those sea sickness pills that time because the waves were rough. I also bought a t-shirt that says Holland Amsterdam on it, the t-shirt is too big so i'll have to shrink it. And I found my favorite chocolate from the last time i was in Europe, Milka. it's soo good it tastes like a smore, yum. we got back to london around 10 and i called people to tell them about my trip and talked to people in the house about it and then just crashed around 11:30. Amsterdam just craziness, I can't believe i was there
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