beatlemania (beatlemania) wrote,

Quarter life crisis is over

OK man I had a freak out yesterday, but after talking to people and figuring out somethings all is good.

The weather here is starting to get nice, it's about time. The sun was out and you didn't need a scarf or gloves. Not much is going on. Spring Break starts after my class is over Thursday at 4. I'm going to be livin it up in London. I can't wait for my parents to come the first week and then Steve's the next week. I got all but one paper finished so i don't have to worry about homework at all over the next two weeks.

Tomorrow i might go to a show, some group called the mountain goats. It could be good and i figure why not. My roommate ERmily leaves Wednesday for her grand spring break adventure and my Friday the whole house will be deserted except for 5 of us. I finally will get control of the remote, awsome!

I better get to conflicts in Northern Ireland class. I'll try to update more, I'll be doing a ton of things once my family and steve gets here. Mac will be here too but i don't think he'll be around much. Mac if you're reading this, you need to be around the second monday you are here for trivia at the local pub!
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the mountain goats are the best

go go go to this show!

dohn darnielle is the cutest
and he writes the best lyrics