beatlemania (beatlemania) wrote,

Sometimes I think...

I hate being away at school. I miss stuff at home good and bad, and this weekend was definitely bad. crazy crazy family problems that I can't even get over. i feel bad for my parents and how they go through shit they shouldn't have to deal with. Sometimes I feel like because I'm away that I'm not part of the family or something, it's like they don't want to tell me things because I'm away. They did that when I was in England and now when i'm in Millersville. also when people are mad at my house everyone gets yelled at which i hate

I have to get this anxiety problem fixed. I'm pretty sure I've had it since a kid and I'm just realizing what it is.

I can't wait for fall break. i've got good stuff planned. I'm not working at all so that will be nice. I'm going to sew my PJs, going suit/profession clothing shopping with Steve, Octoberfest, sleeping, hopefully no homework, finishing Breakfast of Champions, scrapbooking, getting drunk to the point of slured speech or something.

I need new CDs or mixes

I hate writing about students learning and steps to becoming a teacher. show me how to make a fucking lesson plan and cut out all the bullshit busy work.

blah, can't wait for thursday at 4:15...fall break. plus driving home will be a like better because the leaves will be changing
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breakfast of champions is pretty good. do you have the movie?